Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel


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Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

Richly foaming hydrating shower gel refreshes and soothes while gently cleansing your body. Therapeutic herbs, rose hydrosol, green tea and seaweed nourish for healthier skin. Formula is free of sulfates or any other detergents, free of artificial fragrances or perfumes, free of dyes, free of chemical preservatives or any other toxins. Truly 100% Pure.


Wendy S. 


My Favorite!

Love this shower gel and the subtle citrus fragrance is so refreshing!




Natural Bath Soaks

‘Kelp’ yourself to some of our awesome bath soaks, which harness the healing properties of the sea!
When you’ve had a hard day, it’s good to forget about your troubles and lose yourself in the soothing warm water of your bathtub. What you don’t need is something else to worry about; like whether you’ll have a negative reaction to the chemicals in your bath product or how it was tested. Luckily, like all the products we make for you, our bath soaks are kind to your skin and gentle on the body, for a guilt-free pampering session you’ll want to repeat over and over.

Our natural bath soak is the perfect companion for some stress relieving You Time. Instead of ordinary sea salts, our sea therapy range has been created using Crystallized Kelp from an Organic Seaweed farm on the coast of France. When you use this highly detoxifying product, you’re getting a blast of all the therapeutic properties of the sea. Over 60 different minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids work together in order to replenish, nourish, detox and heal your skin, while essential oils can strengthen immunity and clear up decongestion.


 Great shower gel!

I love this shower gel! It has a very natural scent and isn’t irritating to the skin. My mom has used it, too and her eyes are really sensitive to scents and other ingredients and it doesn’t bother her.


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